Aiming Shot (Japanese: エイミングショット), also localized as Aimed Shot in the South East Asian version, is a usable gunslash Photon Art in Phantasy Star Online 2.

General Information

Aiming Shot is a photon art in which the user concentrates power into a single bullet. After taking careful aim on the target, the bullet is released and the targeted area is barraged. The power of this photon art can be charged by up to one level.

Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation

Pso2 ep1 07

Itsuki charging an Aiming Shot.

This photon art makes several appearances in the first episode of the series, The RPG That Begins with "Nice to Meet You."

Itsuki Tachibana, the main character who primarily wields a gunslash as his weapon of choice, comes under attack from a breeahda during an emergency quest. After several attempts to hit the breeahda fail, SORO advises the boy to concentrate on the target's weak point.

With the horde of el dagan distracted by the cast, Itsuki is able to charge an Aiming Shot. He fires the bullet, successfully getting a head shot on his target and defeating the darker in a single hit.


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