Alicia Baz
Alicia Baz
Game: Phantasy Star Online
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Class: FOmarl
Section ID: Purplenum

Alicia Baz (Japanese: アリシア・バズ) is a FOmarl from Phantasy Star Online. She is a side character in the main story who works for the government and is seeking help from the Hunter's Guild to obtain data on the Forest animals.


In Native Research, the player is hired by Alicia, a mysterious laboratory assistant, to conduct several experiments on the native animals of Ragol. Alicia quits her job after obtaining the data because she is tired of the secrecy involved with her government lab hiring hunters to collect data for her. She yearns to go to Ragol to study and help the animals herself. She is never heard from again after Forest of Sorrow but it is assumed she continues to study Ragol's natives, although no longer restricted by the laboratory's strict guidelines.

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