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Alshline (Japanese: アルシュリン), also localized as Alsulin, is a magical liquid able to turn stone back into flesh.


In most depictions, alshline is a red liquid contained within a vial. In the Phantasy Star remake, Phantasy Star Generation: 1, the liquid is a light blue color.


Alshline cure psiv

Alshline cures the afflicted from petrification.

The effects are immediately seen upon alshline making contact with stone. The liquid seeps through the stone surface and crumbles the hard outer shell of someone afflicted with petrification. Slowly over time, the person trapped inside regains control of their body and is able to break off the last remaining pieces of rock stuck to their body.

If alshline makes contact with a rock, it will simply break it in half.

Game Appearances


Phantasy Star

Myau had a bottle of alsulin around his neck when he was first encountered by Alis in the original Phantasy Star. They used it to restore Odin back to his natural form after he was turned into stone by Medusa.

Phantasy Star IV

In Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium, the group of heroes used alshline to restore the population of Zema, whom had been turned to stone by Zio. They obtained their supply from the basement of an abandoned warehouse in Tonoe, a small Motavian village.

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