An antidote (Japanese: アンティポイズン, "antipoison") is a consumable item common to Phantasy Star games.

Phantasy Star Classic

Psii antidote

Phantasy Star II

Antidotes are a common consumable item found in Phantasy Star II. They cure the poison status, which prevents the host from healing hit points as long as they are affected.

Antidotes are commonly stocked by most retailers on the planet Mota, and sold for 10 meseta each. The anti technique has a similar effect, however, it can only be cast outside of combat. Amy learns the spell at level 5, while Nei learns it later at 16. Each usage of the technique costs 2 TP.

Psiii antidote

Phantasy Star III

In Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom, antidotes are a common item supplied by most item shops. They cure the poison status which, similar to Phantasy Star II, prevents the person affected from healing hit points until the status is cured.

The anti technique has a similar function to antidote, however, the spell has a chance of failure. The technique is already known by most characters in each generation. The local nurse situated within each town's church will also provide a service for curing the affliction for a fee.

Ps4 antipoison

Phantasy Star IV

Antidotes in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium are a common medicine that cures the poison status from an affected party member. They are sold in most shops for 10 meseta each.

The technique, anti, also cures poison. It is learned by Chaz, Hahn, Raja, and Kyra. Each usage of the spell costs 2 TP, and it can be casted within or outside of combat.

Phantasy Star Online

Antidotes are common items sold in shops aboard Pioneer II for 60 meseta a piece, and can be dropped from boxes on the field. It neutralizes poison in the body. The anti technique has a similar effect on the user.

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