Antiparalysis (Japanese: アンティパラライズ), also known as Cure-Paral in Phantasy Star IV (Japanese: キュアパラライズ, "Cure Paralysis"), is a healing item commonly found in Phantasy Star video games.

As its name implies, the item cures the afflicted from the paralysis status condition.

Phantasy Star IV

"A medicine that cures paralysis."
Ps4 cureparalysis
Cure-Paral is a consumable medicine in Phantasy Star IV that cures a character's paralysis condition. The item can be consumed in and out of battle. Rimpa is a technique that has the same effect as using a cure-paral.

Cure-Paral can be bought from most stores for the low price of 120 meseta per vial.

Phantasy Star Online

"Removes paralysis from the body."

Antiparalysis is an item that can be bought in the item shop aboard Pioneer II, as well as found on the field. Upon being used, it instantly cures the character from paralysis, a status ailment commonly caused by Poison Lily in the caves.

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