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Arima (Japanese: アリマーヤ) is the first city reached in Phantasy Star 2. Lying north-east of Paseo on Mota, this once sleepy town was the former home of Darum and Teim before it was savagely attacked by bandits. After returning home to Paseo, Rudo will join the party.


There are no armor or item shops in town, however, there is a small weapon shop located to the left of the map. The only services that remain include:

  • Teleport station
  • Clone lab
  • Hospital
Weapon shop Cost
DaggerRudoHughKainShir 200
Steel barNei 80
SwordRolf 1200
Ceramic knife
Sonic gunRolfRudoHughKain 640
ShotgunRudoKain 800
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