Ash Canaan
Game: Phantasy Star Online
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Class: HUmar
Section ID: Redria

Ash Canaan (Japanese: アッシュ・カナン) is a HUmar from Phantasy Star Online. A side character in the main story, he is a naive trainee eager to prove that he can handle the challenges expected of a Hunter after the tragedy of Pioneer I.


In Battle Training, your client, Zidd, sends you to Ragol to find a hunter he previously sent to conduct some research. You find the hunter, Ash, nearly unconscious, the apparent victim of a Savage Wolf ambush. After saving his life, Ash considers you his role model and he is quite pleased to see you again in the final quest, From the Depths. You last encounter Ash during your final battle with Black Hound, where you prove your worthiness as a role model by taking down the mad android before the awestruck kid's eyes.

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