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Map of Aukba

Aukba is one of the three final towns reached in Phantasy Star II, and possibly the second town found on the planet Dezo. Rolf gains access to this town after boarding the Paseo spaceship and successfully navigating through the maze-like Skure spaceport. Aukba is the closest residential area to Menobe, the Crevice, and the Esper Mansion.

General Information

Aukba is a town located to the north of Dezo. There are rumors spreading from town to town about a strikingly beautiful man that ran away from the planet Palm many years ago and now resides in a mansion hidden beyond the immense hole in the planet known as the Crevice.

Services available in this town include:

  • Teleport station to Skure, Zosa, Ryuon
  • Clone lab
  • Data memory
  • Hospital
Weapon shop Cost Armor shop Cost Tool shop Cost
Ceramic SwordRolf 3200 Laconian GearRudoHugh 28000 Monomate 20
Laser Knife
4400 Laconian CapeAnna 36000 Telepipe 130
Laconian MaceHughKain 16800 SandalsNei 180
AC SlasherAnna 24000 Hirza BootsAmyShir 9800
Laser ShotRudoKain 6200 Ceramic EmelAmyAnnaShir 9700
Pulse CannonRudo 32000 Laconian ShieldRudoHughKain 13000
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