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Game: Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
Species: Human
½ Orakian, ½ Layan
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cille
"Ayn, I was afraid war would come again. Now you must venture forth on a vital quest. Legends of Satellite say it is a place of peace. I think we'll need a sanctuary very soon. Take Mieu and Wren and find this Satellite."
King Rhys informs Prince Ayn of his mission

Ayn (Japanese: アイン・ル・シール), known as Ayn Le Cille in the Japanese version, is one of several lead protagonists of the third game of the original series, Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom.


Ayn profile

Ayn's character profile from Ozaki's unofficial character book



Doujinshi Information

Ayn writes

Ayn writing a letter.

Toyonaka Ozaki slightly expanded on Ayn's characteristics in her unofficially published character book featuring the cast of Phantasy Star III. Although she worked as an official character designer for Sega during production of the game, she strongly reiterates throughout the work that the information presented should not be taken as official source material. She merely presents her views from a designer's standpoint based on her recollection of working on the cast.

Other Appearances


Ayn on the cover of a gamebook

Phantasy Star III Adventure Book

Of the three adventure titles published by Futabasha for the Phantasy Star original classics, one of them was a choose your own adventure story about Phantasy Star III. Featured on the cover is Rhys and some of his descendants in slightly modified costumes.

Depending on the reader's choices, the ending and situations Ayn finds himself in could change drastically from the events of the video game. The game books were only published in Japan.


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