Game: PSO Episodes I & II
Location: Mines, VR Spaceship
Attribute: Machine
General Rarity: Uncommon
Related Monsters: Garanz

Baranz is the Ultimate version of Garanz.

Mines Monsters
Normal-VHard: Gillchic | Dubchic | Canadine | Canane | Sinow Beat | Sinow Gold | Garanz | Vol Opt

Ultimate: Gillchich | Dubchich | Canabin | Canune | Sinow Blue | Sinow Red | Baranz | Vol Opt ver.2

VR Spaceship Monsters
Normal-VHard: Savage Wolf | Barbarous Wolf | Pan Arms | Migium | Hidoom | Gillchic
Dubchic | Garanz | Delsaber | Chaos Sorcerer | Gol Dragon

Ultimate: Gulgus | Gulgus-Gue | Pan Arms | Migium | Hidoom | Gillchich
Dubchich | Baranz | Delsaber | Gran Sorcerer | Gol Dragon

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