Barbarous Wolf
Barbarous wolf
Game: PSO Episodes 1 & 2
Location: Forest 1, Forest 2, VR Spaceship Alpha, VR Spaceship Beta
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Uncommon
Related Monsters: Savage Wolf, Gulgus, Gulgus-Gue

The Barbarous Wolf is a stronger form of the Savage Wolf from the Forest area. It is a blue wolf-like creature that acts as a pack leader to its Savage Wolf underlings.

Like the Savage Wolf, this monster will slowly strafe around its prey before leaping at it. When one dies, Savage Wolfs will mourn their fallen leader by casting Zalure and Jellen on themselves. Alternatively, if there are more than one Barbarous Wolfs attacking in the same pack, killing one will cause the remaining Barbarous Wolfs as well as the Savage Wolfs to debuff themselves. The Barbarous Wolf is weak to Zonde.

In the Ultimate difficulty, Barbarous Wolfs become Gulgus-Gue.

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