"Find a hunter who is working down on Ragol."

Battle Training is one of the first offline quests available to new players of Phantasy Star Online. It serves as a tutorial to the game's mechanics, as well as an introduction to Ragol and its characters.

Quest Details

Official quest description: "Please find a hunter and bring him back. He went down to Ragol for a quest."
Difficulty: Very easy
Length: Short
Client: Zidd
Solo mode only?: Yes
Requirements: None
NPC partners: Kireek

Areas visited: Forest 1


Zidd will ask you to find a hunter, Ash. Zidd sent Ash down to Ragol to perform some research, but he has yet to return. Zidd will request that you rescue Ash in the company of a HUcast, Kireek. Speak to Kireek near the door to the Hunters' Guild, then speak to Zidd again. Zidd will assign one of you to retrieve a datadisk that Ash ought to have with him; the other will help Ash if he is injured.

Head down to Forest 1. The main objective of this quest is to fight your way through Forest 1 until you reach the northeastern section of rooms; in the last room is Ash and the datadisk. You will have to travel in a clockwise direction around Forest 1 to reach the last room. This is a very easy task even if you are a low level, because Kireek is always extremely strong and can handle the monsters without much trouble. If you wish you can simply hang back and allow Kireek to kill the monsters for you, or you can help him out.

Along the way, Kireek will give you gameplay tips.

Once you reach the final room, you will see Ash, a HUmar with a saber, lying on the ground. He will warn you about the presence of some sort of threat. Head deeper into the room and retrieve the datadisk on the ground (it takes the form of a large white sparkle) and four Savage Wolves will attack. Defeat them and speak to Ash again, who will tell you that he was attacked as he completed his mission and dropped the disk.

Speak to Kireek again, and he will tell you to return the disk to Zidd. Take the telepipe that appears back to Pioneer II and speak to Zidd to complete the quest.

Quest Monsters

Normal-Very Hard



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