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Hildegao, a creature characteristic of the beast attribute in Phantasy Star Zero

Beast is a monster attribute only present in Phantasy Star Zero.

A close relative to beasts is the native classification. Although these monsters have similar appearances and fighting styles, beasts tend to be larger, more primeval foes that are highly vicious. Beasts should not be mistaken for the human-modified race, Beast, or altered beasts.

Phantasy Star Zero

Beasts are 1 of the 4 monster attributes that characterize the enemies in the game.

Although they do not have as much of a presence in uncivilized areas as natives do, beasts have roughly 2 or 3 members present in most areas in the game. Since all creatures have a chance of appearing in the Eternal Tower, the area is not included in the list.

Gurhacia Valley

Blaze Helion

Rioh Snowfield


Ozette Wetlands

Octo Diablo

Oblivion City Paru


Makara Ruins



  • Rohjade has an uncanny resemblance to Garongo, an armadillo-like creature in Phantasy Star Online 2, despite the fact that the two are not the same monster attribute. The former is a beast while the latter is a native.
  • Another interesting comparison is between the Hildegao and Hildebear species. Hildegao are beasts, while Hildebear and its variants are natives. Despite the difference in monster attribution, they are both similarly named creatures with the "hilde-" prefix, and they are large, muscular ape-like monsters. A possible conclusion that can be drawn from this is perhaps the "hilde-" prefix is the Coralian people's way of naming large creatures resembling apes. Another deduction is that they may be distantly related species, since Phantasy Star Zero takes place in the future in comparison to Phantasy Star Online.

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