Game: PSO PSP2
Location: Forest 1, Forest 2
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Common
Related Monsters: Gobooma, Gigobooma

General Data

The Booma is a mole/bear-like creature that is native to the Forest Area. Its long, sharp claws allow it to dig through soft ground, where it apparently makes its nests. Its horned snout might be used to punch through hard surfaces for digging. Its dark red fur covers its arms and head, protecting it from cold. A Booma's maturity can be measured by the coloration of its fur, starting from dark red to a darkened yellow taint and then into purple, which ends up becoming frail: it thus gradually loses its tolerance to cold temperatures as it grows.

Boomas will attack ferociously with its claws, although they are relatively easy to avoid due to the slow speed of their swipe. It should be noted that their left swipes hit faster than the right ones. They are weak to the Foie techniques.

In Ultimate difficulty, the Booma population becomes replaced by that of Bartles.


Legend : Offline stat / Online stat

Dreamcast versions (ver. 1 and ver. 2)

Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
HP 60/92 386/427 725/899 ---
ATP 80/106 362/438 680/812 ---
DFP 0/0 80/80 190/190 ---
ATA 60/60 120/120 195/195 ---
EVP 60/70 97/97 134/134 ---
LCK 8/8 15/16 28/28 ---
XP 5/5 42/42 90/90 ---
Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
EFR 0/0 0/0 0/0 ---
EIC 15/15 100/100 100/100 ---
ETH 10/10 60/60 60/60 ---
ELT 20/20 20/20 20/20 ---
EDK 10/10 30/30 45/45 ---
ESP 0/0 5/5 12/12 ---

Ep. 1&2 version (Gamecube, Xbox, PC)

Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
HP 60/92 386/427 725/899 ---
ATP 80/106 362/438 610/812 ---
DFP 0/0 83/116 193/253 ---
ATA 60/60 120/120 195/195 ---
EVP 60/70 91/170 140/307 ---
LCK 8/8 16/16 28/28 ---
XP 5/5 42/42 90/90 ---
Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
EFR 0/0 5/25 10/30 ---
EIC 25/35 75/80 85/85 ---
ETH 0/0 60/60 60/60 ---
ELT 20/20 20/20 30/30 ---
EDK 10/10 30/30 45/45 ---
ESP 0/0 5/5 12/12 ---

Special Drops

Dreamcast versions

Items Drop Rates Section ID
Normal N/A N/A N/A
Hard Club of Laconium 1/29258 Viridia
Mace of Adaman 1/29258 SkylyPurplenumPinkalRedria
Club of Zumiuran 1/29258 Yellowboze
V. Hard Brave Knuckle 1/311 ViridiaBluefullPurplenumPinkalOranYellowboze
Agito (AUW 1975) 1/137659209 Skyly
Parasite Wear: Nelgal 1/1951 Redria
Heart of Opa-Opa 1/998644 GreenillWhitill

Ep. 1&2 version

Boomas will sometimes drop the Booma's Right Arm for any Section ID on any difficulty they appear in.

Drop Rates
Normal 1/8630
Hard 1/458
V. Hard 1/427

Monster in Quests

Note the location for Quit After. This tells the area you should go back to town and reinitialize the game/quest. These values and quit locaions take into consideration speed and occurance of that monster. You may encounter more should you bypass that quit point.

Quest Name Amount Quit After
1-1 Planet Ragol 14 First Room
Endless Nightmare 1 45 Forest 1
Booma Mugshot


Fun Facts

  • Although the Booma has mammal traits, such as its fur and body structure, its legs and feet appear to be more bird-like. Maybe this tempers its running capacities, explaining its slow movements. But the day we will see flying Boomas might be next to none, however...
  • The mutated beasts in the CAVE area in Ultimate mode, Vulmer and Govulmer, are apparently Boomas that strayed off their territory by digging deep into the underground areas and got infected by the sap from Dal Ra Lie's tentacles (although De Rol Le would be capable of injecting mutative sap into these animals in a similar manner, the former's surely prove to be powerful enough to give them unseen strength and features, such as two pairs of glowing eyes and photon claws). These creatures' movements and means of defense, however, remain the same as their original line's.
  • The Booma makes an iconic appearance as a rare enemy in Phantasy Star Zero on Nintendo DS, labelled as Booma Origin. This subspecies portrays the Booma as a midget-sized, quadrupedal mammal (think of a small boar) that randomly roams the surface of the world. Despite bearing the same angry stare in their eyes as the Booma on Ragol, it has a far more adorable look (heck, forget about it ramming into your gut: wouldn't you want to hug one?). Another rare enemy related to the Booma Origin occasionally appears, known as Gigobooma Origin.
  • Booma had returned in Phantasy Star portable 2, with

    Boomas in Phantasy star portable 2. Mostly seen on Neudaiz

    a new subspecies of himself, Go Booma. Feeds on Rappy Poleck.

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