Bravers are a playable class introduced in Episode 2 of Phantasy Star Online 2. They are a hybrid class of S-ATK and R-ATK, being able to wield Katanas, Bullet Bows, and Gunslashes.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Bravers in Phantasy Star Online 2 feature a high APT base, along with a steady S-ATK and R-ATK base. Braver features a hybrid ability to be able to fully utilize two weapons of different damage types, this being the only other class in the game aside from Bouncer set up like this. Braver's skill tree offers skills that increase all damage types, damage to enemy weak spots/weak elements, and base R-ATK, S-ATK, and APT increases. The trees also offer special skills for the class's weapons, such as an attack boost for countering an enemy attack for Katana, and a temporary sacrifice of damage to the bow's normal attack damage in favor of shooting 3 arrows at once.

In the Southeast Asia version of Phantasy Star Online 2, the Braver class is known as Samurai instead.

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