Burn Draal
Burn draal pso2icon
Game: Phantasy Star Online 2
Phantasy Star Online 2 es
Location: Volcanic Caves
E-Code: Emergency Code: Duel
Attribute: Dragonkin
Pso2 element2
Weak Point: Head, horns
Breakable: Nose horn, back horn, tail crystal
General Rarity: Rare
Related Monsters: Vol Dragon

Burn Draal (Japanese: バーン・ドラール) is a monster that appears in Phantasy Star Online 2 and Phantasy Star Online 2 es. It is the rare form of Vol Dragon, a creature native to the underground volcanic caves of Amduscia.


Burn Draal is very similar in appearance to Vol Dragon's second and third forms. He has very thick, golden scales on his body that are mostly resistant to blunt force trauma, while his less durable, breakable horns are colored a pale pink.

Whenever a horn is broken, burn draal will flinch in pain for a moment before regaining his composure. If the crystalline orb on his tail is broken, he will scream in agony and fall to the ground before attempting to suture the wound by soaking it in a nearby lava pool.

Phantasy Star Online 2 es

General Data

Bdraal typec

The mobile exclusive, Type-C variant

The burn draal species has many different forms that are exclusive to Phantasy Star Online 2 es. The more common variants include a tiny form that attacks quickly yet has fewer hitpoints, and a large form that hits harder but moves more sluggishly compared to its other incarnations. In rare circumstances, a white burn draal may be found instead. Although burn draal can typically be encountered in any place that a Vol Dragon can potentially spawn in Phantasy Star Online 2, es restricts the dragon to Emergency Quests only.

The golden dragon has several basic attacks. When the player is close to its face, it will attempt to either fling them away by swiping its large head toward them, or spew its fire breath. If the player is close to its rear instead, it will swipe its tail in a semicircle twice. When the player is running away or attacking from a distance, burn draal will give chase by either quickly jumping toward its opponent or simply shooting a fireball in the player's general direction. On rare occasions, the dragon will initiate a quick time event by placing its hand into a pool of lava and summon a pillar of fire from underneath the player's feet. Similar to Phantasy Star Online 2, burn draal can be damaged on multiple parts at a time with attacks, although its horns and tail are unbreakable in this version.

Due to Dr. Cohen's recent breakthrough in his chip research, a more powerful, darker-infused, Type-C burn draal may be fought instead on the highest difficulty. This unnatural variant is more aggressive than its normal form, and even sports several new attacks.

Chip Information

Burn draal chip

Burn Draal chip

Bdraal chip release

Purgatory Dragon Burn Draal

See also: Monster Chips in PSO2es

Burn draal's chip can be obtained several ways: successfully completing its themed emergency quest; winning it as a prize in the bonus box scratch; or, completing special objectives assigned by ARKS.

Burn Draal is an active, fire elemental chip that has a palette cost of 17. The standard version of the chip has the ability, Flaming Heat Wave, which provides medium fire-based damage to enemies surrounding the player upon being activated. When the chip is released, it transforms into the much more powerful Purgatory Dragon Burn Draal with an equally stronger ability, Storm of Conflagration. Burn Draal requires the following materials in order to achieve its released form:

Meteorite crystal chip Meteorite crystal chip Gigantic meteorite crystal chip Amduscia ob data chip Amduscia par data chip
Meteorite Crystal Meteorite Crystal Giant Meteorite Crystal Amduscia Observational Data Amduscia Paranormal Data

During certain event periods, several Burn Draal chips may be exchanged in the Recycle Shop for special 11 weapons.


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