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Little Wing

"A cast who handles reception and accounting duties at Little Wing. Her appearance and speech mannerisms somewhat unique, but she is a dedicated and efficent worker.

She is one of the few people who know of Kraz and Ursula's past.

Her own past includes a career as an infamous drill instructor in the Alliance Millitary Force. After her sudden departure from the millitary, she underwent body and speech modifications. As a result, few who knew her in her previous career would be able to recognize her now."

In-game Description

Chelsea is a former AMF in Phantasy Star Portable 2. One of the persons who also knew the secret bond between Kraz and Ursula. She is also developed to have French accent. She had a unique SUV which is called "Tour de Force" (shown in chapter 9 ending cutscene), wherein she summons many Champagne bottles and uses one above her, and when she releases the cork, all of the Champagne bottles released their corks in a firework effect which explode on the enemy, however it has not been used during gameplay.


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