This page is about the planet referred to as "Earth" in Phantasy Star Zero. For the actual planet called Earth, see Earth.
Coral planet pszart

Coral is a planet in Phantasy Star Online and Phantasy Star Zero. It is the home world of Pioneer 1 and Pioneer 2 citizens that was threatened with destruction, which caused the Coralian Government to create the Pioneer Project in an effort to save their society from annihilation.

When the Pioneer Project failed, the government attempted to salvage the planet by creating Mother Trinity on Arca, Coral's moon. Due to a fault in its code, possibly influenced by Dark Falz' meddling, Mother Trinity came to the conclusion that in order to restore Coral, it needed to remove the vermin that caused the planet to spiral downhill to begin with: humans. The machine nuked the planet, causing a massive cataclysmic event that reverted what remained of the humans living on the planet's surface back to the dark ages.

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