Daughter is an antagonist and optional boss in Phantasy Star 4. It is a master computer system housed in Vahal Fort. The Player meets it during the eigth and final Hunter's Guild mission "Silver Soldier".

In the aftermath of the Great Collapse, Daughter was built in order to replace the Mother Brain program. A prototype was created, but the project was later abandoned. A network to stabilize Algo's environmental control system would later be constructed on the satellite Zelan. There were plans to reopen the Daughter project once the environment was stabilized, but it was forgotten as they struggled to start Zelan. Daughter lay dormant, kept under control by an independent AI at Nurvus.

When Nurvus was shut down, Daughter awoke from hibernation and, unaware that it was not connected to external systems, began to follow its programming. Part of this programming included purging AI's not under its control, seeing them as an enemy of Algo. It sent several robots to Zema, attempting to gain access to Birth Valley and destroy Seed, unaware that it had already self-destructed. The robots did not attempt to harm the citizens themselves, but they were very frightening, and eventually one citizen contacted the Hunter's Guild. Chaz and his friends would answer the call. Upon arriving at Zema, three robots attempted to destroy Wren, but they were easily defeated.

Meanwhile, Daughter sent an android attack squad to the Plate System, where they managed to capture Automatic Defense Module 3. Fortunately, Demi was able to keep the damage to a minimum.

When Chaz and the others reached Daughter's main interface, the AI introduced itself and explained its actions. Wren attempted to explain to it that it was only a test machine, but Daughter misinterpreted his explanation and became convinced that Wren was behind the disorder of the system. It then unleashed three Dominator units upon the group.

After they were defeated, Wren walked up to the control panels. Daughter pleaded with him, stating that without it, Algo would fall into ruin. Wren then shut it down, stating that humans had become able to live on their own and that there was no need for excessive interference. All robots under it's commands were also shut down, ending their unintentional reign of terror.

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