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De Rol Le (PSO, N/H/VH)

De Rol Le is the Boss of the caves area in Phantasy Star Online Episode 1. It was created by Dr.Osto, and resembles a giant leech. It turned all creatures in the caves to Altered beasts by injecting them with a mutagen in its tentacles.

Dal Ral Lie is the boss of Ultimate difficulty Caves.

In Phantasy Star Universe it resembles a barracuda or moray eel.

Attacks and strategy

Cluster shot: Fires a series of purple balls. Best way to avoid this is to get far away from him, as they will spread out as they travel.

Cluster Mines: Moves in front of the raft and fires 5 mines that stick to the raft and start flashing, then explode. Minimize damage by killing them, if you can take out the middle and 2 closest, you can avoid the explosion. Its hard to kill all 5.

Homing Mines: Moves in front as to do Cluster Mines, but fires 3 mines that home in on one player and follow them, must be killed or the player should take them away from the party to minimize damage.

Laser Beam: Moves behind the raft and fires a large blue laser at a random player 3-6 times. Right before he fires attempt to move out of its way, not always successful due to lag or human error.

Raft Grab: Beaches itself on the boat and latches on, only time this boss can take melee damage. Periodically stabs a nearby party member with a tentacle up to 3 times, then lets go. Pour on damage and heal those hit by tentacles.

Rock fall: Moves far behind the raft and takes off into the air, knocking rubble off the roof. Move far to the front of the raft and you should avoid damage.

Also, periodically the boss will leap over the boat. Mostly its from the rear to the front, followed by Cluster/Homing Mines but may also leap from side to side and use Cluster shot or Raft Grab.

When enough damage is taken, its "beak" will break off exposing the head and start taking double damage to all attacks to that region. Its armor on its body may also break off and sustain more damage.

Slicers and Spreads deal a number to this boss in general due to all its hit spots (1 on the Tail, 5-6 on the body, 1 on the head/beak), and bring it down in fairly short time. Rafoie is also very effective.

References in other media

  • In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, players are able to collect stickers by successfully completing certain in-game achievements. One sticker, called De Rol Le Credits, requires the player to unlock Superstar Showdown in World Tour mode, which then leads to a credits sequence. The sticker is a pun on the phrase "the rolling credits."
  • Another sticker in the same game, called Star Phantasy, references the Phantasy Star franchise in general.
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