Del Rappy
Del rappy
Game: PSO Episode 4
Location: Crater, Subterranean Desert
Attribute: Dark
General Rarity: Rare
Related Monsters: Rag Rappy, Al Rappy, El Rappy, Pal Rappy, Love Rappy, Egg Rappy, Hallo Rappy, St. Rappy, Sand Rappy, Toy Rappy

Del Rappy, the rare form of Sand Rappy, is a resident of the Crater and Subterranean Desert. Although it still retains the general behavior expected of its Rappy cousins, the Del Rappy has contracted and subsequently succumbed to D-Cell infection, drastically mutating as a result.

General Data


The Del Rappy is a tiny, flightless bird-like creature under the influence of Dark Falz. The creature features a metallic, purple body adorned with a variety of green and yellow spots, yellow eyes which glow, an enlarged yet flattened beak, horn growths on its head and tail areas, sharpened talons and claws, and tiny wings that have transformed into fin-like appendages.

It is unknown how the rappy creature became what it is today. One possible theory would be that, similar to the cases of Olga Flow and the host body for Dark Falz, the once normal Sand Rappy stumbled upon an aggressive D-Cellular type enemy and was wounded. Being the timid yet agile creatures they are, the rappy was able to outrun its predator and reach what the bird would believe is safety. However, the D-Cells that entered the rappy's body from its initial wound now flowed freely through its body, allowing the viral infection to fester and grow. Consequently, the rappy would then undergo several bodily mutations.

Although the Del Rappy is now an infected carrier of D-Cells, it is unknown if the virus changed its mental patterns. Despite being considerably different and much more menacing-looking, it still retains the normal behavior displayed in other Rappy species and, surprisingly, is still accepted in the Sand Rappy flock.

Activity patterns

Del Rappies are timid, yet territorial creatures by nature. When their territory is trespassed, all rappies in the flock will attempt to peck their target until the target either leaves or is killed. However, being the shy creatures they are, when they are attacked from a distanced or injured, they will either attempt to flee or, if the target is close enough that the bird believes that there is no chance of escaping, play dead. If the player waits patiently or feigns leaving the area, the rappy will attempt to sneak away. At this point, if the player hits the rappy before it can escape, there will be a guaranteed item or meseta drop.

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