A Dezorian (Japanese: デゾリアン), also known as Dezolisian, is a is a race of creatures in the Phantasy Star universe from the planet Dezoris.

First Millennium

Dezorians appear as both enemies and allies in Dezoris. Many Dezorians are suspicious of Alis and her group, giving wrong information to them. One Dezorian in particular gives wrong directions for a labyrinth, which lead to a pit that makes the player fall several floors, ending near a trapped treasure chest. Only a few are friendly and help the group.

Dezorian Dezorian (デゾリアン)
Dezorian enemy.
Evilhead Evilhead (デゾリアンヘッド, Dezorian Head)
A Dezorian chief.

Second Millennium

In Phantasy Star 2, Dezolian cities and civilizations are as advanced as those seen on Mota. During Mother Brain's reign, many Dezolians questioned other people's faith in the AI, believing that relying on machines would eventually lead a civilization to decline. They as a people, instead, worship the holy fire of the eclipse torch. Most Dezolians are friendly when spoken to in the towns, however, they will speak an unintelligible language when Rolf attempts to converse with them without a Mogic Cap equipped. If Rolf wears a Magic Cap instead, they will become aggressive and charge double the price for wares and services.

In the Generation 2 edition of the game, Dezolians can see pipes implemented in the abysses.

Third Millennium

The Dezorian Raja is a playable character.

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