Psi dezoris space

The planet Dezoris, as it appeared from space in the first millenium.

Dezoris (Japanese: デゾリス), also known as Dezo or Dezolis in other games of the series, is the third planet of the Algo star system. It is a frozen world covered in icy plains and mountain ranges. Dezoris is inhabited by native Dezorians as well as migrant Palmans.

First Millennium

Dezoris unlabelled quarter

The surface of Dezoris, as it was in the first millennium.

Towns and Villages

Towers, Caves and Dungeons


Second Millennium

Dezo psii

Planet Dezo as it appeared in the second millennium.

By the second millennium, the planet had been renamed 'Dezo'. The surface too had experienced change, with the development of gas mining creating a massive scar on the planet. New towns had been founded, inhabited by native Dezorians, and a mysterious enclave had appeared in the north-west, accessible only through the Crevice.

Towns and Villages


Third Millennium

Psiv dezolis

Dezolis as it appears in the third millennium.

The planet, now known to its inhabitants as 'Dezolis,' is visually similar in the third millennium to its previous depictions. It is an icy planet currently experiencing severe blizzards due to events in Phantasy Star IV, and, as a result, many residents cannot travel between towns easily due to heavy snow blockages. On the northeastern part of the planet, carnivorous plants have run rampant around the Garuberk Tower. With their ability to quickly revive after being slain, the plants are able to overwhelm anyone attempting to approach the tower without the assistance of the Eclipse Torch.

Towns and Villages