Dimate (Japanese: ディメイト) is a medium-grade healing item. It is stronger than a Monomate, but weaker than a Trimate.

Phantasy Star II

Dimate is a consumable item in Phantasy Star II that heals the user for a moderate amount of hit points during or out of battle. It can be purchased from most tool shops in towns for the low price of 60 meseta per mate.

Phantasy Star III

Psiii item6
Dimate is a medicine in Phantasy Star III that heals the user for a moderate amount of health during and out of combat. It can be purchased from most tool shops for 40 meseta per mate.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Dimate pso2id

The Dimate can be purchased for 100 Meseta at the Item Shop, or dropped from enemies or Containers.

Dimates heal for 60% of your HP. This value can be boosted with certain effects, such as the Mate Lovers Skill Ring.

Dimates have the second fastest consumption animation. Automate Skills prioritize Dimates before Trimates.

Phantasy Star Online 2es

Dimate chip

The Dimate is a Rare 4 Chip that can be obtained as a enemy drop or from the FUN Scratch. It is an Active Chip that heals a moderate amount of HP when used. This chip costs 30 CP to activate.

Dimate is a Wind Chip. At its Max Level of 20, it increases Wind by +8, HP by +50, and CP by +6. It has a Cost of 6.

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