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Doran (Japanese: ドランク) is a status infliction technique common to Phantasy Star games.

Phantasy Star series

Phantasy Star II

In Phantasy Star II, doran costs 2 TP to cast. It halves one bio-monster's accuracy, with an 80% chance to hit.

Hugh is the only player character who can use doran. He learns doran at level 3.

Phantasy Star IV

In Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium, doran costs 4 TP to cast. It reduces all affected enemies' agility stat by an amount equal to the caster's mental stat. This reduction lasts until the battle ends, or replaced by another agility modifying effect (such as saner), or the enemy wakes up from sleeping. Doran does not reduce the enemies' defense stat, but does make them less likely to dodge hits and to act before the party each round. Each enemy's mental stat and bio sensitivity affect doran's success rate. Enemies immune to bio effects, particularly machines, zombies, dimensional demons, ghosts, and most bosses, are immune to doran.

Hahn is the only player character who can use doran. He learns doran at level 7.

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