Egg Blaster (Japanese: エッグブラスター) is a recurring weapon in the Phantasy Star franchise.

General Information

Pso eggblaster concept

Concept art of Egg Blaster from PSO

The Egg Blaster is a handgun developed by Dr. Eggman, the primary antagonist of the Sonic franchise, in his never ending mission to conquer the world.

In all of its appearances, this gun's appearance remains largely the same. Although small, it is bulky blue and red gun with a small metal box attached near its trigger. On the box is a picture of the mad doctor's face grinning menacingly. Painted around the gun's muzzle is a pattern of yellow and black stripes resembling barricade tape.

Phantasy Star Online

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Eggblaster id

In its debut appearance in Phantasy Star Online, the Egg Blaster was a rare rifle that could only be equipped by members of the Ranger class.

It was a unique weapon that could only be obtained by combining any weapon in the Handgun series with the item, Parts of Egg Blaster. Its special attack would hit the enemy with fire damage.

Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution

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Pso ep3 egg blaster

Although the game's resources contained artwork and stats for Egg Blaster, it was not legitimately obtainable in the final retail version of Phantasy Star Online Episode III. Its game data listed the weapon as a gun-type weapon that was only equippable by Rangers part of the Hunters.

One of its abilities, Frozen Death, would have destroyed an opponent who had the freeze condition. In a similar fashion, its other ability, Paralyzed Death, would have destroyed an opponent who had the paralysis condition.

Phantasy Star Online 2

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Eggblaster pso2id

In Phantasy Star Online 2, the Egg Blaster was changed into a twin machine gun. Despite mechguns typically being a weapon-type exclusive to the Gunner class, the Egg Blaster was capable of being equipped by all classes and races, so long as the 200 dexterity stat was met.

Its hidden potential was Zero Effort, an ability that boosted point-blank attack power by a certain percentage based on the potential's current level.


  • This weapon appeared in Sonic Riders, wielded by Dr. Eggman. This is the only appearance of this weapon in the Sonic series.