El Rappy
El rappy
Game: PSO Episodes 1 & 2
Location: Forest (Areas 1 and 2), VR Temple (Alpha and Beta)
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Common
Related Monsters: Rag Rappy, Al Rappy, Pal Rappy, Love Rappy, Egg Rappy, Hallo Rappy, St. Rappy, Sand Rappy, Del Rappy, Toy Rappy
"El Rappies are cowards, but they like to attack straight on. When an El Rappy falls down, it may still be alive. So be careful."
— Rico's message pod in Forest 1

El Rappy is the Ultimate form of Rag Rappy. It is a monster native to the Forest Area, but it also appears in the VR Temple areas. Very rarely, an El Rappy may be replaced by Pal Rappy in the forest or Love Rappy in the VR Temple.

General Data


El Rappy is a large, flightless bird that roams lush, heavily wooded areas. Its feathers are colored white with a slightly brighter white on its underbelly. At the edge of its wings is a small palm with claws. Atop its head are yellow colored antennae with a similarly colored beak. The tips of its antennae are white like its feathers.

El Rappy are social creatures that tend to travel in flocks. When they feel safe and secure in their surroundings, they chirp happily among themselves, bobbing their heads and wagging their tails.

Activity Patterns

El Rappy are timid, yet territorial creatures by nature. When their territory is trespassed, all rappies in the flock will attempt to peck their target until the enemy either leaves or is killed. However, being the shy creatures that they are, when they are attacked from a distance or severely injured, they will either attempt to flee or, if the target is close enough that the bird believes that there is no chance of escaping, play dead. If the player waits patiently or feigns leaving the area, the rappy will attempt to sneak away. At this point, if the player hits the rappy before it can escape, there will be a chance at an item or meseta drop.

Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution

See also: Monster Cards in PSO Episode III

El Rappy has an obtainable card in Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution. It can be obtained from card booster packs. The rate of obtaining it will depend on the player's card level when opening the packs, with higher levels having a higher chance of obtaining rarer cards.

Some ability descriptions may have been modified from their listing in-game in order to clarify their usage.

Card # Picture Resistance color Combo color left
Combo color right
Rarity HP AP Range
Name TP MV

Card Information/Abilities

#207 Pso ep3 el rappy ▬▬▬▬
El Rappy
◌◌◌◌●●● S 2 0 Range1
0 1

———————————Single target attack
Native creature
Attack AC unable

→ This card cannot use any Attack Action cards.
  • Flee
When this card is destroyed, it moves to the bottom of the deck instead of the Discard Pile.
  • Random AP
During a physical attack, gain AP equal to the dice roll - 1. This ability does not cancel out any extra AP of the user.

Fun Facts

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