Eliminate Skill

Rika using Eliminate

Eliminate (Japanese: エリミネート), abbreviated Eliminat, is a skill used by Hahn and Rika in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. It defeats a single enemy instantly, if successful. The user's dexterity stat, the enemy's agility stat, and the enemy's bio sensitivity affect eliminate's success rate. Enemies immune to bio effects, particularly Machines, Zombies, Dimensional Demons, Ghosts, and most bosses, are immune to Eliminate.

Hahn learns Eliminate at level 30, and must be equipped with a dagger to use it. Rika learns Eliminate at level 12, and must be equipped with a claw to use it.

Rika can combine Eliminate with Alys' Death Skill to create the Lethal Image combo.

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