Elysion (Japanese: エリュシオン) is a recurring weapon in the Phantasy Star franchise.

General Information

Pso elysion concept

Concept art of Elysion from PSO

Elysion is a mysterious weapon of unknown origin.

The saber's blade is made up of runes written in an ancient language of unknown origin.

The hilt is a decorative purple handle with a jewel attached to the bottom. Underneath the blade are two circle mechanisms that appear to have been welded onto the square-like edges of the handle. Interesting to note, the blade does not actually attach to the handle or the circle mechanisms. It floats with the power of the photons being emitted from the device.

Phantasy Star Online

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Elysion id

Elysion was a rare saber in Phantasy Star Online that could be equipped by any character so long as the 680 mind strength requirement was met.

This weapon was unique compared to other members of the saber family because of its high MST requirement. Typically, most sabers needed a certain amount of attack power in order to wield them. This consequently made Elysion a decent melee alternative for Force characters.

Pso ep3 elysion

Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution

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In Phantasy Star Online Episode III, Elysion is a weapon card that can only be equipped by humans and newmans part of the Hunters.

One of its abilities, TP Growth, allows it to gain 1 TP for each item or creature it destroys in a single attack. However, if it destroys multiple enemies with a single attack at once, it will only gain 1 AP. Its other ability, Weak Spot, temporarily reduces its AP by 2 points if it is used to attack a story character physically.

Phantasy Star Online 2

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Elysion pso2id

Elysion made a return in Phantasy Star Online 2; this time, however, the weapon would be a wand-class weapon. It was only equippable by Force and Techer classes, provided the 500 S-ATK requirement was met.

Its hidden potential, Innocent Appearance, boosted the power of uncharged techniques by a certain percentage based on the potential's current level.