Emergency Quests (popularly called as EQs) are a new system in Phantasy Star Online 2 where all ARKs gather on a large-scale operation a specific planet or location, there's also a few Emergency Quests that have in focus defeating a single monster, such as [Profound Darkness].

Current in-game Emergency Quests

Multiple Enemies EQs

  • Volcanic Guerrilas
  • Mining Base Defense:Defense
  • Mining Base Defense: Invasion
  • Mining Base Defense: VR
  • Mining Base Defense:Demise
  • Cradle of Darkness
  • Infested Mothership

Single Boss EQs

  • Perennial Apocalypse
  • Racing the Phantom Mother
  • The Phantom God
  • The Phantom Demiurge
  • Profound Darkness

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