Eternal encore2014

Eternal Encore (Japanese: 永遠のencore) is a song performed by the character Quna during in-game concerts for Phantasy Star Online 2.

The song is very somber and sung as if it were a lullaby. In the lyrics, Quna hints that she is singing about her recently deceased friend, Hadred.

Opening Address

Everyone, thank you for coming! Today, I'll sing you a song that will warm your heart, with all my sincerity!
Please listen to this song, a song that even in the dark silence, holds a certain hope!
"Eternal Encore!"


Quna twilight chip release

Quna and Hadred

Can you hear my thanks, my song, and the pieces of my heart?
Even though we can always meet when I close my eyes, and even though we were closer than everyone else...
My "I love you," my voice, and my feelings... do they reach your heart?
The fact that I can't touch you anymore... it's just like a nightmare, as if it's a lie.
I still can't move on from here...

The sunlight of this world without you... what color is it? How does it smell?
This sadness that makes me unable to breathe... I've never felt this way before.
You were always reckless and cheeky, never looking forward.
Even though you were difficult, I couldn't help but worry.
I thought I knew everything. But, now it seems there's parts of you I don't know.

Can you hear me say "why...?"
Can you hear my song, and my tears, too?
We shared our past and future, and even if we fought, we were closer than anyone else...

Does my "I want to see you" reach you?
It's my voice, the proof that I'm here.
No matter how hard the trials that are to come, if I'm needed, I want to change myself. I have to change myself!
To say "farewell" is just too sad...

This singing voice that you admire... If you say that it can turn into power for you, I'll believe...
Believe that even if you're not here, you'll keep on supporting me.

Can you hear my thanks, my song, and the pieces of my heart?
If I open my heart, I can hear it.
The only words you spoke, your last request.
My "I love you," my voice, and my feelings... do they reach your heart?
Not just once, I'll respond to your hope over and over... So put a smile on your lips.
Now I can move on from this place...

You'll always be there... within the wind, the rainbow, the stars, and the flowers.
Laaa... laaa... just like a song...
You're gone now... After you taught me about strength and weakness...
Laaa... laaa... But you're always there for me...

Closing Address

Thank you, everyone! Everyone's feelings reached me! Did my feelings reach you too?
Even though it's a gentle song, it holds a strong will. Everyone, please cherish your own dreams and feelings!
Okay then, until next time!

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