Evil Shark
Game: PSO, PSP2
Location: Cave 1, Cave 2, Cave 3
Attribute: A. Beast
General Rarity: Common
Related Monsters: Pal Shark, Guil Shark

Phantasy Star Online

General Data

One of the most common enemies that inhabit the Cave Area, the Evil Shark is a predatory, green-coloured shark-like monster that underwent a mutation from the sap of De Rol Le's tentacles, allowing it to grow legs to adapt on land and photon scythes to cleave preys and enemies. No one is sure if its three pairs of eyes are natural or are part of this mutation. Despite its tendency to aggressively seek out prey, its primitive behavior and somewhat quirky look raise questions about whether it is really evil at all. It adopts a reptilian hissing cry to communicate and alert enemies and relatives of startling presences.

Evil Sharks usually appear in groups, but occasionally appear individually (which is kind of sad for them). They attack in the same patterns as a Booma would, but the swipes are significantly much swifter. Any conventional weapons should keep them out of control, but they have a large weakness to heat and fire as well (and a resistance to cold and ice, which might indicate that they actually spawn from the deeper parts of the Cave Area, where they are less exposed to the heat of lava flows). However, as they grow mature, they become much more resistant to heat and also generally quite stronger, and change color in the process.

In Ultimate difficulty, Evil Sharks will not appear, as Vulmers will swarm in their place.


Legend : Offline stat / Online stat

Dreamcast versions (ver. 1 and ver. 2)

Ep. 1&2 version (Gamecube, Xbox and PC)

Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
HP 85/122 414/468 757/958 ---
ATP 120/154 408/489 690/870 ---
DFP 50/50 152/192 281/341 ---
ATA 85/90 120/197 179/344 ---
EVP 93/93 153/153 228/228 ---
LCK 8/8 8/8 28/28 ---
XP 10/10 49/49 100/100 ---
Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
EFR 0/0 5/30 10/40 ---
EIC 40/50 80/85 90/90 ---
ETH 25/35 70/70 70/70 ---
ELT 20/20 20/20 30/30 ---
EDK 15/25 35/35 50/50 ---
ESP 0/0 7/7 15/25 ---

Special Drops

Dreamcast versions

Items Drop Rates Section ID
Normal N/A N/A N/A
Hard Battle Verge 1/6502 ViridiaSkylyPurplenum
Brave Hammer 1/6502 PinkalRedriaOran
Alive Aqhu 1/6502 GreenillBluefullYellowbozeWhitill
V. Hard Book Of Katana 1 1/2101 GreenillPurplenumYellowbozeWhitill
Book Of Katana 2 1/2101 SkylyPinkalRedria
Book Of Katana 3 1/2101 ViridiaBluefullOran

Ep. 1&2 version

Items Drop Rates Section ID
Normal Blue Barrier 1/6502 Whitill
Assist Barrier ??? Pinkal
Hard DB's Saber 1/458 GreenillSkylyBluefullOranYellowbozeWhitill
Varista 1/458 ViridiaPurplenumRedria
Club of Laconium 1/458 Pinkal
V. Hard Flowen's Sword 1/427 Skyly
Blade Dance 1/427 Greenill
Bloody Art 1/427 Oran
Vjaya 1/427 Bluefull
Varista 1/427 Purplenum
Custom Ray ver.00 1/427 Yellowboze
M&A60 Vise 1/427 Whitill
Ice Staff: Dagon 1/427 Pinkal
Stag Cutlery 1/427 Viridia
Cure/Poison 1/427 Redria


  • Evil Sharks, being the most populous monsters in the Cave Area.
  • They are somewhat susceptible of running into other monsters' attacks (Poison Lilies' venom spits, Nano Dragons' pulse beams, Pan Arms' projectiles, etc) and environmental hazards (Traps), getting hit silly in the process. This provides further comic relief of their part (along with occasionally walking in predictable circle patterns, even at your presence).

Phantasy Star Portable 2

In this game, the Evil Sharks will be your first opponent. There will be 2 more subspecies of his kind, Pal Shark and Guil Shark, and there is a obtainable twin dagger resembling their claws called Shark Puppet, it is a rare class type B weapon.

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