Fomelgion (フォメルギオン, lit. "fomerugion") is one of three Compound Techniques, an advanced Technique type developed by Klaris Krays III.

Phantasy Star Online 2


Fomelgion may be obtained in the following ways:

  • Client Order (Klaris Krays III) (EPISODE 3 Only)
  • 50x Photon Sphere (Photon Sphere Exchange Shop) (EPISODE 4 Only)


Level T-ATK Required Power Charge Time PP Burn Rate
1 550 3200 1.0 sec 0 40%


As a Compound Technic, Fomelgion is affected by Techer's Darkness skill tree, as well as Force's Fire skill tree. Fomelgion may only be set to a hotkey, and can only be used after filling the Compound Tech Gauge via damaging enemies with Technics. It can only be used by Forces and Techers wielding a Wand, Rod, or Talis.

This Technique can only be used charged. The charge motion for this Technique involves floating into the air, holding a red orb and a purple orb.

When activated, the user smashes the orbs together, and from his/her hands spawns a beam of energy imbued with fire and dark energies, dealing several hits of both elemental attributes to targets in its path. The beam can be redirected with the directional keys/analog stick.


Fomelgion finds its way to being the most used Compound Technique; it has incredible potency and is easier to use than Zandion. This attack is best used to burst down waves of enemies in one go in the event that it's necessary, such as Mining Base Defense. Its high Power value combined with a good Skill Tree will crush enemies even if they are not weak to either of its elements.

Fomelgion is practically a guaranteed Burn due to its high hit count and high status affliction rate. You can use this to take advantage of enemies who are affected by the Burn status, such as Dark Falz Apprentice Gia, who becomes staggered when Burned.

Compound Techniques are not considered "Techniques" as far as Potentials are concerned. Potentials such as Psycho Wand's Supreme Blessing will not affect Compound Techniques.

Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation

Fomelgion appears as a Compound Technique used by Aika Suzuki in the anime. It is used in Episode 8: Turning Point. When activated, Aika combines orbs of fire and darkness to fire a concentrated beam of pure energy at an enemy. This attack is used to destroy a Vol Dragon's horn, incapacitating it briefly.

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