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Game: Phantasy Star Online
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Occupation: Trader

Gallon, or Garon as he is sometimes called, is a minor character in Phantasy Star Online.


Gallon is an infamous businessman known on Pioneer 2 for his crass, shady personality. Prior to the events of Magnitude of Metal, Gallon learned that MAGs are commonly found in the forests of Ragol. Concerned only with making a quick buck, he recruits a hunter named Dacci from the Hunter's Guild to gather some around the forest for his business. Sometime later, as Dacci was returning with his stock of MAGs, an android appeared and convinced him that Gallon's business was unethical. The hunter then returned to Pioneer 2 empty-handed, much to the dissatisfaction of Gallon.

Determined to make his business succeed, Gallon hires another hunter from the guild to retrieve the MAGs that were, in his words, "stolen" from Dacci. Over the course of the quest, the hunter learns that the android, named Elenor, had the ability to sense the feelings of the MAGs. She revealed that most of the MAGs gathered by Dacci desperately wanted to visit each of their masters in their final resting place rather than return to human society. One MAG, however, said that it would stay with her after it has accomplished its task. In the end, the MAG simply wanted to say goodbye to its master one last time, and once the hunter and Elenor found it, it agreed to go with them.

When Gallon learned about the status of his merchandise, he initially became furious. However, after hearing about the fate of each MAG's master, he quickly brushes aside the quest's failure, lamenting over the fact that his get-rich-quick scheme failed, and agrees to pay the hunter for their time. It is unknown if Gallon sold or planned on selling the one MAG he was able to obtain from his schemes.


  • Garon and Gallon are the same person. The difference between them is that the name "Garon" was Sega of America's first translation of his Japanese name. "Gallon" was the second, more common translation seen in later versions of Phantasy Star Online, although they kept the Garon name in the text for his Magnitude of Metal appearance.
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