Game: PSO Episodes I & II
Location: Mine 1, Mine 2, Spaceship Alpha
Attribute: Machine
General Rarity: Uncommon
Related Monsters: Baranz

Garanz is a mechanical monster found in Phantasy Star Online. It is encountered in the Mines as an uncommon enemy in Episode 1. It also appears as a VR simulation inside Spaceship Alpha in Episode 2.

In Ultimate difficulty, it is replaced by the Baranz. It is essentialy the same as the Garanz, except with Blue plating.

General Data

The Garanz is a battle-mech, designed by the engineers in Pioneer 1 as an advanced guard for the Mines. However, D-Cell contamination has corrupted it's AI, causing this mech to blindly attack any intruders on sight.

The Garanz is orange-armored with green plating to protect its internal components. It's about double to triple the height of an average human being. It uses it's tripod legs to move about the mines and gains propulsion using an internal engine.

It is armed with missile pods along the top portion of it's body. There are 4 at first (2 on each side). Each missile has homing capabilities and it must stop moving to be able to fire them.

As the Garanz takes damage, sections of it's green plating will start to crack. It will eventually break off and reveal more missile pods, up to 12 when it's completely stripped. It also leaves behind land mines as it moves and moves farther before it needs to fire missiles.

Battle Strategy

Garanz are usually a pain to combat, especially in Ultimate. Mainly because of the missile count when the armor is completely stripped. In some cases, it also spawns with more than 1 or on the other side of long hallways.

There are many different strategies to combat it, all of which are effective.

If you are in melee distance, it is prefered you attack with it with your hardest hitting weapons. Multiple hit weapons like Double Sabers or Twin Swords or Daggers are effective, provided they do damage. The Garanz suffers from flinching easily as long as its not doing it's attack animation. HUcasts and caseal|HUcaseals should use thier Freeze Traps to incapacitate them for free hits.

If you are at a distance, either try using your Rifle-class weapons or your hardest hitting Mechguns. The Mechguns can tear it's HP easily and the Rifle can shoot outside the range of the missiles.

Forces should use Barta in Version 3 and Foie in the Dreamcast versions. You may also try Zonde and get a chance to shock it, which will also incapacitate it. Gibarta and Rabarta can also incapacitate Garanz.

If it does fire missiles, you have a few options of avoiding damage. One obvious option is you evade the missiles by running from them or leaving the room and letting the doors block the explosives. The second is to approach the Garanz and circle around it. Although it seems suicidal, some of the missiles will damage itself and other machines around it. The missiles can distinguish friend from foe but they will do whatever it takes to hit you, even if it has to collide with other objects such as other robots. Be sure to have hit the Garanz once in case it kills itself via missile damage. You will recieve no experience if you didnt harm it and you only get 80% of what it's worth if it kills itself.

To avoid the mines, don't trail behind it. It rarely has a chance to drop these as the armor needs to be completely stripped. In most cases, the Garanz is destroyed before it has the chance.

The missiles and mines do preset damage, therefore it is unnecessary to cast Jellen on this enemy. No amount of DFP, EVP or resistances will protect you from damage.


Legend : Offline stat / Online stat

Dreamcast versions (ver. 1 and ver. 2)

Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
HP 410/506 729/1000 1500/2200 2525/2725
ATP 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
DFP 90/90 188/188 316/316 1850/2215
ATA 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
EVP 80/80 108/108 146/46 900/912
LCK 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
XP 22/22 67/67 124/124 328/328
Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
EFR 0/0 20/20 20/20 100/100
EIC 40/40 60/60 60/60 100/100
ETH 90/90 100/100 100/100 75/65
ELT 60/60 60/60 60/60 80/85
EDK 35/38 58/58 73/73 100/108
ESP 20/25 35/35 50/55 50/55

Ep. 1 (Gamecube, Xbox, PC)

Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
HP 410/698 711/1245 1500/2081 2525/3788
ATP 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
DFP 85/105 200/273 342/437 659/865
ATA 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
EVP 42/60 70/157 112/288 375/564
LCK 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
XP 22/27 67/75 124/140 328/355
Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
EFR 50/70 75/75 75/79 100/90
EIC 0/60 0/60 15/75 100/90
ETH 75/85 100/100 100/100 50/69
ELT 75/75 75/80 75/85 100/90
EDK 38/38 58/58 73/73 100/108
ESP 20/25 35/75 50/55 50/55

Technique Effect Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
Homing Missiles Non-Elemental 39/48 80/80 124/132 232/250
Land Mines Non-Elemental, Step-on 53/74 120/140 190/220 190/430
  • On Ultimate, the missile damage can stack if multiple missiles hit you and you don't get knocked down on the floor.

Ep. 2 (Gamecube, Xbox, PC)

Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
HP 653/939 1258/1649 1664/2312 3133/4535
ATP 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
DFP 105/139 229/288 383/449 732/856
ATA 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
EVP 70/70 118/133 168/187 449/496
LCK 0/0 0/0 0/0 0/0
XP 19/19 66/66 123/123 345/384
Normal Hard Very Hard Ultimate
EFR 90/90 90/90 90/90 90/95
EIC 20/39 30/50 30/60 49/70
ETH 90/90 90/90 90/90 90/95
ELT 50/50 60/66 75/75 88/88
EDK 38/38 45/60 60/80 79/100
ESP 42/42 35/35 50/50 50/50

Special Drops

Dreamcast versions

Items Drop Rates Section ID
Normal Invisible Guard 1/100825 ViridiaGreenillSkylyBluefullPurplenumPinkalRedriaOranYellowbozeWhitill
Hard Double Saber 1/64 ViridiaGreenillOranYellowbozeWhitill
Photon Claw 1/64 SkylyBluefullPurplenumPinkalRedria
V. Hard Inferno Bazooka 1/964 ViridiaPurplenumPinkalWhitill
1/877 Yellowboze
Flame Visit 1/964 GreenillSkylyBluefullRedriaOran

Ep. 1&2 version

Mines Area
Difficulty Items Drop Rates Section ID
Normal Trimate 7/8 ViridiaGreenillSkylyBluefullPurplenumPinkalRedriaOranYellowbozeWhitill
V. Hard
VR Spaceship Area
Items Drop Rates Section ID
V. Hard


Mines Monsters
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Ultimate: Gillchich | Dubchich | Canabin | Canune | Sinow Blue | Sinow Red | Baranz | Vol Opt ver.2

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