Garapython psz
Game: Phantasy Star Zero
Location: Gurhacia Valley
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Common
Related Monsters: Garahadan
"A dangerous foe with poison fangs. It paralyzes prey, then swallows it whole."
— Bestiary entry in Phantasy Star Zero

Garapython (Japanese: ガラパイソン) is a snake-like creature in Gurhacia Valley. It travels in packs with Garahadan.

General Data


Garapython is an enormous, venomous snake that lives within Gurhacia Valley. Holding itself upright, the snake is about as tall as an average-sized human if not a little bit taller. Garapython and its fellow pack monster, Garahadan, both share many similarities in appearance, however, they can be easily distinguished based on their coloring which denotes which venom they use.

Garapython is a gray snake with purple accents on its head scales and tail rattle. Its underbelly is orange with a bright red stripe that travels from its chest down its tail. The stripe begins as a ring with a smaller circle in the middle. Toward the middle of its body, the stripe has a design that appears to be two arrows facing each other. It has two fangs with which it utilizes to inject its venom into prey when it hunts. This allows the snake to paralyze its target long enough for it to swallow its meal whole.

Activity Patterns

One of the more common enemies in the Gurhacia Valley, Garapython travels in packs with Garahadan, although there are typically more of the former in the group than the latter. It slithers towards its target until it is close enough to viciously snap at them, which can allow the snake to inject a deadly venom on its victim that paralyzes its target.

Additionally, Garapython has another attack where it will approach the player stealthily from the side and lunge toward them from a distance. The best way to avoid this attack is to perform a dodge roll before it leaps.

Monster stats

Normal Hard Super Hard
HP 134 472 912
MAX MELEE 158 499 975
MIN MELEE 137 471 950
DFP 16 121 194
ATA 220 330 400
EVP 1 350 530
END 1 10 30
LUCK 1 20 30
EXP 13 157 224
DEF X 1 1 1
DODGE X 1 1 1
ATK RESIST 0 20 20
EFR 10 20 40
EIC 0 0 20
ETH 50 50 80
ELT 20 20 50
EDK 20 50 100
SPEED 1 1.05 1.1

Item Drops

Normal Iron Spear
Chrome Rod
Hard Rose Quarts
Clear Fin
Garapython Fang
Super Hard Clear Fin
Fuuma Shuriken
Garapython Fang


Gurhacia Valley Hostiles
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