Gigobooma Origin
Gigobooma originpsz
Game: Phantasy Star Zero
Location: Ozette Wetlands, Oblivion City Paru, Makara Ruins, Arca Plant, Dark Shrine, Eternal Tower
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Rare
Related Monsters: Booma Origin
"A new native species. It is considered an evolutionary step up from Booma Origin."
— Bestiary entry in Phantasy Star Zero

Gigobooma Origin (Japanese: ジゴブーオリジン) is a rare creature in Phantasy Star Zero that randomly appears in most areas under special circumstances. It is the advanced form of Booma Origin.

General Data

Boomaorigin conceptz

Concept art of Booma and Gigobooma Origin


Gigobooma Origin are inexplicably linked to the Ragolian Gigobooma species that existed hundreds of years prior to the events of Phantasy Star Zero. A curious point about them is how they managed to travel across space from Ragol to Coral.

According to their bestiary entry, they are more advanced than their Booma Origin counterparts on an evolutionary level. It is unknown how Gigobooma Origin is linked to Gigobooma in terms of species or evolution although, despite the time period difference, their name could imply that Gigobooma Origin are an earlier form that evolved into Gigobooma.

The typical Gigobooma Origin resembles a pig with its elongated face and hoofed feet. The creature's pelt is light tan with a scruffy outer layer of fuzz that is light purple. On its face are two red eyes on the sides of its head with a long horn set in between them, and two small ears. Gigobooma Origin has a large mouth full of tiny, sharp teeth.

Unlike Gigobooma from the past, Gigobooma Origin is a quadruped that walks on four legs.

Activity Patterns

Gigobooma Origin travel in packs across the world and the moon. Although prone to attack hunters with a ram of their horn upon being startled, their range is very small. Until approached, they will mind their own business in their group scavenging for food. They are, however, easy to ward off with any means of weaponry and techniques.

Special Drops

Gigobooma Origin may drop one of the following items upon being defeated.

A difficulty will be abbreviated next to the name of the area that the item drops in. [N] stands for Normal Mode; [H] is short for Hard Mode; and [SH] is Super Hard Mode. If the item drops on all difficulties, no difficulty will be listed.

Name Rarity Acquisition Description
Tech Level Boost ★★★★★ Ozette Wetlands
Oblivion City Paru
Makara Ruins
Arca Plant
Dark Shrine
Eternal Tower
Slot into armor to use. Ups technique levels by +1. Cannot be stacked.
Photon Drop ★★★★★ Ozette Wetlands
Oblivion City Paru
Makara Ruins
Arca Plant
Dark Shrine
Eternal Tower
A photon crystal of high purity. Someone apparently trades rare items for them.

External Sources

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