Goldix psz
Game: Phantasy Star Zero
Location: Oblivion City Paru
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Rare
Related Monsters: Bolix
"A Bolix mutation with an incredibly stiff golden shell that draws attention."
— Bestiary entry in Phantasy Star Zero

Goldix (Japanese: ゴールディクス) is a native monster that appears in Oblivion City Paru. It is the rare form of Bolix.

General Data


Goldix is a large purple crustacean-like monster attached to a stiff, durable shell that resembles a golden supply cargo box. Although from a first glance it may appear as if the creature is residing within a box, the box is actually part of its own body. According to its bestiary entry, Goldix is a mutation from the more common form of the species, Bolix. Despite this, both creatures look very outwardly similar save for their shell.

Goldix has two red eyes sunken deep within its face. It uses its single large, prominent horn above its mouth in order to defend itself from attackers. The creature moves by dragging its body with its large crab-like claws.

Activity Patterns

Goldix has a chance of rarely appearing in Oblivion City Paru in place of its common form, Bolix. It will typically wait patiently within the safety of its shell before springing outward to surprise hunters that may have thought they found a rare item box.

When it is within attacking range, it will swipe at foes with its large, crab-like claws.

Monster stats

Normal Hard Super Hard
HP 20 36 95
MAX MELEE 321 507 789
MIN MELEE 259 480 768
DFP 19 29 39
ATA 280 360 410
EVP 2 2 2
END 70 80 90
LUCK 30 50 100
EXP 128 595 1001
DEF X 1 1 1
DODGE X 1 1 1
ATK RESIST 92 92 92
EFR 92 92 92
EIC 100 100 100
ETH 98 98 98
ELT 98 98 98
EDK 90 90 90
SPEED 1 1.05 1.1


Oblivion City Paru Hostiles
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