Game: PSO Episode I & II
Location: Forest 1 & 2
VR Spaceship Alpha & Beta
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Common
Related Monsters: Savage Wolf, Barbarous Wolf, Gulgus-Gue
"Don't turn your back on a Gulgus, otherwise it'll pounce on you. You might get paralyzed if you get bitten."
— Rico's message pod in the Ultimate Forest

Gulgus is the Ultimate from of Savage Wolf. What was once a wolf-like mammal, the Gulgus has transformed into a large beast resembling something of a scaled blue griffin. It has a beak-like snout, pointed ears, two large horns protruding from its back, and a body covered in blue scales that add an extra layer of protection from the harsh environment.

Although its appearance has changed drastically from its normal counterpart, Gulgus retains much of the same attack behavior with the exception of its ability to potentially inflict a slow status upon successfully pouncing on the player.

Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution

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Gulgus has an obtainable card in Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution. It can be obtained from card booster packs. The rate of obtaining it will depend on the player's card level when opening the packs, with higher levels having a higher chance of obtaining rarer cards.

Some ability descriptions may have been modified from their listing in-game in order to clarify their usage.

Card # Picture Resistance color Combo color left
Combo color right
Rarity HP AP Range
Name TP MV

Card Information/Abilities

#203 Pso ep3 gulgus ▬▬▬▬
R2 5 ? Range1
? 3

———————————Single target attack
Native creature
Tech OK

  • Copy
During attack or defense, your AP & TP changes temporarily to 1/2 the amount that the opponent has.

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