Game: PSO Episodes I & II
Location: Forest, VR Spaceship
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Common
Related Monsters: Savage Wolf, Barbarous Wolf, Gulgus

The Gulgus-Gue is the Ultimate version of a Barbarous Wolf. This creature is a large beast resembling a red scaled griffin. It has a beak-like snout, pointed ears, one large, hooked horn protruding from its back, and a body covered in red scales that add an extra layer of protection from the harsh environment.

Although its appearance has changed drastically, the Gulgus-Gue retains much of the same attack behavior that a Barbarous Wolf has in earlier difficulties with the exception of its ability to potentially inflict a paralysis status upon successfully pouncing on the player.

Forest Monsters
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Monest | Mothmant | Hildebear | Hildeblue | Dragon

Ultimate: Bartle | Barble | Tollaw | Gulgus | Gulgus-Gue | El Rappy | Pal Rappy
Mothvist | Mothvert | Hidelt | Hildetorr | Sil Dragon

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