Expert as close-range combat, HUcasts have the strongest attack power potential of any class. As the HUcast is an android they are unable to use techniques, but can use traps. Androids have an automatic HP recovery. As the Lvl rises, the recovery speed increases. HUcasts also get an increase in the number of traps they can carry as the level increases. It has also been noted that HUcasts eventually have access to the most Freeze Traps. With their high ATP, they are able to use Partisans much earlier in the game. They're able to use Handsguns decently, as well.

Max. Material Useable:

Total: 150 (ATP, DFP, EVP, LCK)

HP: 120

References in other media


Shadow as a HUcast in Sonic Adventure 2

  • In Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast, players were able to unlock a multiplayer exclusive costume for Shadow by collecting all of his emblems in the game. It depicted the hedgehog in a red HUcast outfit similar to those found in Phantasy Star Online.
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