Like all Hunters. The HUmar is at home when fighting at close range. It has the most balanced growth per level and is considered the best for people new to Phantasy Star Online. Because of this it is widely popular as choice to even Veterans. They also have the ability to use Tech's. Although they are unable to use all of these Tech's to the highest level. They stop being able to learn any Tech that is beyond level 15, and they also are unable to learn Shifta, Deband, Grants, Megid and Reverser. While this info remains true for Episodes 1,2, and Blue Burst, it does not hold true for the HUmar class in the Sega Dreamcast versions, especially Version 2. Yes, they cannot go up beyond level 15, but the HUmar can learn every tech that is available.

Usable Weapons

Saber, Sword, Dagger, Partisan, Slicer, Double Saber, Mechgun and Handgun.

Max. material useable

Total: 250 (ATP,DFP , MST, EVP, LCK)

HP / TP: 125


Attack: Lvl 15

Megid / Grants: N/A

Resta: Lvl 15

Anti: Lvl 5

Reverser: N/A

Shifta / Deband: N/A

Jellen / Zalure: 15

References in other media

  • Sonicpso

    Sonic as a HUmar in Sonic Adventure 2

    In Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast, players were able to unlock a multiplayer exclusive costume for Sonic by collecting all of his emblems in the game. It depicted the hedgehog in the default HUmar outfit that Ash wears in Phantasy Star Online.
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