Hahn Mahlay
Hahn portrait
Game: Phantasy Star IV:
The End of the Millennium
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Hometown: Krup
"...The whole planet is in serious danger! I want to help with the power of science!"
— Hahn speaking to his father in Krup

Hahn Mahlay (Japanese: ハーン・マーレイ) is a playable character in Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium. He is a scholar at Piata Academy. While he is not able to wield the strongest weapons, he boasts some powerful techniques that are second only to Rune.


Hahn was born in the town of Krup to the local blacksmith. Hahn became interested in learning and would later join the Piata Academy. This upset his father, who wanted Hahn to take on the family business, and he was disowned. However, one employee of the shop says that Hahn's research is the reason they are able to make such armor, and he is regarded as the village's most successful citizen.

At some point he fell in love and proposed to Saya, a schoolteacher in Krup.

While working at the Piata Academy, Hahn served as an assistant to Professor Holt. When Holt and his team disappeared, Hahn began to search for his whereabouts. When he attempted to get answers from the principal, he evaded the issue.

When monsters started to appear in the Academy's basement, Hahn was responsible for blocking any passage into the basement. When Alys and Chaz arrived with permission to enter, Hahn asked to go with them. He felt that there was a connection between the monsters and Holt's disappearance. Alys allowed him to go with them, but not for free.

Together they successfully purged the basement of monsters, but were shocked to find monster breeding capsules in the lower area of the basement. Alys questioned Hahn about it, but Hahn insisted he knew nothing of it. Alys instead strong-armed the principal for answers, who revealed that Zio was responsible for the disappearance of Holt. Hahn immediately announced he was heading to Birth Valley , hiring Alys and Chaz for protection.

A running gag is that Hahn is too cowardly to do anything on his own, and has to keep hiring Alys and Chaz, the former of whom charges a larger sum each time.

While on the search for the Alshline, Hahn begged the group to bypass Krup. They ignored his pleas anyway, and while at the local armor store, he would face his father, who was still angry at him. His mother reassured him however that his father was proud of him. He would also briefly reunite with Saya.

After freeing the citizens of Zema and professor Holt, Hahn was preparing to return to the academy. When monsters began to emerge from Birth Valley, he became worried about Holt and hired Alys and Chaz again, reluctantly taking it out of his wedding fund.

When Alys was struck by the Black Energy Wave, Hahn and Saya took care of her despite the way she had exploited him.

After she died, Hahn would return to the university, seeking to get them to come up with a plan for action. However, the principal and many of the professors refused to act, causing Hahn to brand them as cowards. For most of the rest of the game, Hahn trains in secret and becomes stronger so he can be help to Chaz and the others.

When the Profound Darkness opened a way into Motiva, Hahn along with Gryz, Raja, Demi, and Kyra gathered at the Motiva Spaceport. He is one of five optional characters that the player can choose to fight the Profound Darkness.

In the game's conclusion, Hahn returns to the Academy. He admits that he has grown disgusted with some of the people there, but he intends to turn these feelings into inner strength. The epilogue shows him writing on a blackboard, showing that he has returned to teaching.


Hahn begins the game at level 1 (0 XP).



Hahn's stats, while not as extreme as Rune's, reinforce his role as a technique user. His good dexterity and vision skill help him hit with daggers and his eliminate skill when not using techniques. He has low resistance to physical attacks, but high resistance to magic attacks. The drawbacks of his low agility can be mitigated by placing him in the rear of the party.


Hahn is the only player character with access to bio techniques, which have a chance to weaken or instantly defeat most enemies other than machines and bosses. Notably, meta slugs and guilgenovas are not resistant to bio effects. He also has access to all ice and physical attack techniques, a psi technique, and some healing and status recovery techniques.

Technique Obtained Cost Power Defense Element Effect
Res already known 3 TP 16 + mental n/a n/a heal one non-android ally
can use outside combat
Gelun already known 5 TP mental mental bio -atk to all enemies
Wat level 3 4 TP 32 + mental mdfs ice damage to one enemy
Anti level 6 2 TP n/a n/a n/a remove poison from one ally
can use outside combat
Doran level 7 4 TP mental mental bio -agility to all enemies
Zan level 9 8 TP 16 + mental mdfs physical damage to all enemies
Vol level 10 8 TP n/a mental bio instant defeat to one enemy
Gires level 11 6 TP 80 + mental n/a n/a heal one non-android ally
can use outside combat
Rimpa level 12 5 TP n/a n/a n/a remove paralysis from one ally
can use outside combat
Rimit level 13 10 TP n/a mental psi paralysis on all enemies
Giwat level 16 7 TP 80 + mental mdfs ice damage to one enemy
Gizan level 21 12 TP 64 + mental mdfs physical damage to all enemies
Nares level 23 9 TP 240 + mental n/a n/a heal one non-android ally
can use outside combat
Nawat level 28 10 TP 144 + mental mdfs ice damage to one enemy
Savol level 33 16 TP n/a mental bio instant defeat to all enemies
Nazan level 37 16 TP 128 + mental mdfs physical damage to all enemies


Hahn's skills can improve the party's dexterity, deal energy damage, or instantly defeat an enemy. Vision is glitched and adds a set value to dexterity, which depends on the version of the game, rather than being dependent on any of Hahn's stats. Eliminate requires Hahn to be wielding a dagger; vision and astral do not.

Skill Obtained Uses Power Defense Element Effect
Vision already known 5-41 8(US) 72(JP) n/a n/a +dexterity to all non-android allies
Astral level 29 1-30 168 + mental mdfs energy damage to one enemy
Eliminate level 30 1-21 32 + dexterity agility bio chance to defeat one enemy


  • Paradin blow: Hahnastral and Chazray blade in any order; light damage to one enemy
  • Fire storm: Hahnzan/gizan/nazan and AlysRunefoi/gifoi/nafoi/flaeli in any order; fire damage to all enemies
  • Blizzard: HahnRunewat/giwat/nawat and HahnChazAlyszan/gizan/nazan/hewn in any order; ice damage to all enemies
  • Conduct thunder: Hahnwat/giwat/nawat, followed by Runetandle; electric damage to all enemies
  • Triblaster: Hahnwat AlysRunefoi and Chaztsu in any order; energy damage to all enemies
  • Holocaust: Hahnsavol and Runediem in any order; chance to instantly defeat all enemies with bio element


Hahn can equip daggers or knives as weapons. Daggers and knives are both one handed weapons with moderate attack power. Hahn can alternatively wear shields. He can wear circlets and suits as armor.

Hahn begins the game equipped with a leather band, a dagger, a leather shield, and leather clothes.