Psii hidapipe

Artwork of a hidapipe from Phantasy Star II's Japanese manual.

A hidapipe (Japanese: しのびのオカリナ, "sometimes written as 忍びのオカリナ, translating to ocarina of shinobi") is a consumable item exclusive to Phantasy Star II and its PlayStation 2 remake, Phantasy Star: Generation 2.

When played, the musical tones from the hidapipe cover the sound of the party's steps in the overworld, which prevents random encounters with weaker enemies. The jingle that briefly plays when the item is selected is Palma's world map music from the original Phantasy Star. Although it is generally a rare item found in dungeons, the ocarina can be bought in Piata and Zosa for 280 meseta.

There is an achievement available in the Xbox Live Arcade port of Phantasy Star II worth 10 gamerpoints for using a hidapipe. The picture depicting the ocarina, however, is incorrect. It displays artwork of an escapipe instead.

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