Game: PSO Episode I
Location: Forest 2
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Uncommon
Related Monsters: Hildebear, Hildeblue, Hildetorr

Hidelt, the Ultimate form of Hildebear, is a powerful monster residing deep within the Forest. On rare occasions, this gorilla-like beast will be replaced with the more deadly Hildetorr. Hidelts are different from Hildebears in that they shoot Zonde instead of Foie. This makes their attacks harder to dodge. Being Ultimate Mode enemies, they also move significantly faster than Hildebears. They also appear in Ultimate Mode VR Temple.

Forest Monsters
Normal-VHard: Booma | Gobooma | Gigobooma | Savage Wolf | Barbarous Wolf | Rag Rappy | Al Rappy
Monest | Mothmant | Hildebear | Hildeblue | Dragon

Ultimate: Bartle | Barble | Tollaw | Gulgus | Gulgus-Gue | El Rappy | Pal Rappy
Mothvist | Mothvert | Hidelt | Hildetorr | Sil Dragon

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