Game: PSO Episodes 1 & 2
Location: Forest 1, Forest 2, VR Temple Alpha, VR Temple Beta
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Uncommon
Related Monsters: Hildeblue, Hildelt, Hildetorr

The Hildebear is a powerful but fairly uncommon monster from the Forest area. Very rarely, this creature may be replaced with its rare variant, Hildeblue.

In Ultimate, the Hildebear becomes a Hidelt.



The Hildebear appears as a cross between a bear and a gorilla. It is tall and muscular, with long arms and large hands that reach to the ground. Its fur is covered in dark red and dark blue splotches, and it has two horns on top of its head.

Activity patterns

Hildebears can attack in three ways. First, they can leap into the air and crash down on a hunter, dealing moderately high damage. However, they will only do this from a distance. They can also swing one of their massive fists and punch a hunter. Finally, Hildebears have the ability to shoot a blast of Foie from their mouth.


For all classes, the Hildebear can be a dangerous enemy. Keeping it at bay with a gun is a good option, as shooting it will interrupt its casting of Foie and essentially allow a hunter to defeat it at range with minimal risk. For Forces, Hildebears are weak to Barta techniques, so hitting it at range with Barta is a good idea. Finally, it is possible to melee a Hildebear with a saber or like weapon, but those who choose this method should beware of the Hildebear's powerful punches.

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