Game: PSO Episodes 1 & 2
Location: Forest 2, VR Temple
Attribute: Native
General Rarity: Rare
Related Monsters: Hildebear, Hidelt, Hildetorr

Hildeblues are the rare version of Hildebears and are native to the Forest. In Ultimate, they become Hildetorrs.

Unlike the hildebear, it is weak against Foie-like techniques and strong against the Barta class techniques, so for Forces, the strategy is the complete opposite to fighting a hildebear.

Forest Monsters
Normal-VHard: Booma | Gobooma | Gigobooma | Savage Wolf | Barbarous Wolf | Rag Rappy | Al Rappy
Monest | Mothmant | Hildebear | Hildeblue | Dragon

Ultimate: Bartle | Barble | Tollaw | Gulgus | Gulgus-Gue | El Rappy | Pal Rappy
Mothvist | Mothvert | Hidelt | Hildetorr | Sil Dragon

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