Kalam is a human who appears in Phantasy Star Universe. He lives on the planet Puram with Norphe on the Green, Green Farm


His parents died a few years prior to the game's events. His father's last request was that he take care of the family kolvovas. He was taken in by Norphe, one of the few CASTs to harbor no predjudice against humans. Kalam acted coldly towards her however, and instead devoted himself to his father's last request.

When the SEED invaded the Ghural System, Norphe took Kalam and evacuated the farm. However, Kalam went back to protect the kolvovas after hearing that the Alliance was killing them off to prevent infection.

When Ethan, Karen and Hygula entered the farm grounds looking for him, he assumed they were there to kill the kolvova and sealed off the farm. Throughout the level, he continues to put up the laser fences to block the group's movement.

When they encountered the Kolvova ground, they found a giant kolvova- the one that Kalam's father prized above all else. Kalam attempted to protect the beast, but it attacked in a mad rage and was ultimatly killed when a boulder fell on top of it. Kalam became emotionally distraught and screamed at Norphe, accusing her of being cold-hearted just like everyone else of her race. He tried to run away, but was restrained by Ethan and Hygula. On advice from Karen, Norphe embraced the boy, who collapsed sobbing in her arms.

A short time later, he and Norphe returned to the farm, intending to make it better than ever before. He seems to have formed a bond between Norphe and even states that he wants to become stronger to protect her.

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