Kraz Muehler

Kraz Muehler


Phantasy Star Portable 2








Little Wing

"The man who runs Little wing, a private security firm. He is also Emilia's legal guardian.

Though he was once a crack detective, few who know him now would ever guess it.

He forced Emilia to work at Little wing, though he himself does little in the way of work, instead spending his days flipping through magazines at his desk."

In-game Description

Kraz Muehler is a supporting character of Phantasy Star Portable 2, and also the boss of Little wing, as well as Emilia's "dad". He is mostly seen bathing beer and not paying bar tabs, but until The player and Emilia's duties are fulfilled with perfection, he now returned into his old self, mostly seen equiping dual guns. He is married with Ursula Laurent and legally adopted Emilia as his daughter after one year passed after the defeat of Kumhan. His attire is purchasable after finishing the game and called "Kraz replica", it costs 150000 meseta.


Kraz was once a cop, until his wife and child were gone, leaving him wild. He was arrested for being irresponsible with his drinking, and also ended up with liver poisoning. Ursula Laurent hired him in her squad, hired a contractor, and started Little Wing


He had slicked brown hair with bangs, along with a thick brown beard and 


The Kraz Replica.

moustache, he wore a pink cloak that has the Little Wing logo on the back, a beach-like polo, a white belt, purple jeans , and a pair of brown shoes.


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