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The inventor needs help with his latest invention.

Kueri is the fourth city reached in Phantasy Star 2. It lies to the west of Zema and is the city closest to a hovercraft rest point, near the western coast, and the Roron junkyard, located southeast beyond the mountains. Kueri is also the home of an inventor seeking some help with his work. Once this city has been visited, Kain will join the party.

General Information

Kueri is a bustling city located near the western coast of Mota. Located near the southern-most outskirts of the city is the home of an inventor wholly engrossed with his research. He is seeking help with his invention: a new type of gum that allows anyone to breathe underwater with an action as simple as chewing gum. If Rolf agrees to retrieve a maruera leaf for him from a tree hidden deep within Uzo Island, the inventor will give the team as much of the gum as they need once it is created in return for their services.

Services in the city include:

  • Teleport station to Paseo, Arima, Oputa, Zema, Piata for 60 meseta
  • Clone lab
  • Data memory
  • Hospital
Weapon shop Cost Armor shop Cost Tool shop Cost
BoomerangAnna 480 Titanium ArmorRudoKain 5600 Monomate 20
Laser SlasherAnna 6700 Titanium CapeAmyAnna 6300 Dimate 60
Laser BarNei 3100 Titanium ChestRolfHugh 5400 Antidote 10
AcidshotAmyHugh 4800 KnifebootsNeiAnna 4200 Telepipe 130
SilentshotAmy 920 Mirror EmelAmyAnnaShir 5120 Escapipe 70
Laser ShotRudoKain 6200 Ceramic ShieldRolfRudoHughKain 8300
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